Andrew Flanagan
Real Estate Assistant

A Camdenite through and through, Andrew returns home to us after studying Economics at Drew University in New Jersey. Seeking a perfect fit for his competitive nature and a way to continue bugging his sister Kay on the daily, we’re lucky that we fit the bill! A brilliant member of our team and one half of our very first brother-sister duo, Andrew was thrust headfirst into Real Estate and hasn’t looked back since. While it’s true his easygoing personality and thirst for success make him a sought-after member of any firm, we’re pretty sure he actually got the job by teaching the attorneys to solve a Rubik’s Cube in ninety seconds or less. Ambitious, faultlessly logical, and ever hungry for new knowledge and challenges, we know you want him in on your Real Estate transaction as much as we do. However, you’ll have to catch him between hikes and pick up soccer games as most of his free time is spent actively enjoying the outdoors. When he’s not here teaching us a thing or two, he’s probably off borrowing someone else’s pup (most likely Kay’s Kona) and pretending she’s his own or reading up on the latest Real Estate legalese.

Photo by Patrisha McLean