Elizabeth A. Chomoa
Personal Injury Paralegal
and Legal Assistant to Laura P. Shaw, Esq.

Yes, that tall blonde streak darting up and down the stairs is our favorite personal injury paralegal, Elizabeth. Coming to us from a small town in Ohio by way of California, we were lucky to snatch up the former office manager for the chiropractor that treats the San Diego Padres when her Coastie husband was stationed in Maine. With dual degrees in English and Business and her Paralegal Certificate under her belt, her education and medical office training have proved invaluable when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, organizing medical records, and providing a compassionate point of contact for injured clients and their families. Elizabeth is the first one to admit that moving to Maine is a bit of a culture shock and she still shivers a little while the rest of us are frolicking under the sun in shorts, but she loves that adventure starts right at her back door in her new hometown. Of course, when your hobbies include swimming, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, biking, and rock climbing, and your back door is in Camden, Maine, it’s easy to throw on an extra layer and let yourself fall in love with the mountains and coast despite the chill. Elizabeth’s big goals in life include: turning her cat Daisy into a pirate and sailing off into the sunset with her, matching eyepatches and all; learning as much as she can from Attorney Sarah Gilbert before tackling law school and following in her brilliant footsteps; and finding a dress with pockets big enough to hold all of the fruits at once (fun fact: Elizabeth’s diet is 99.8% fruit and we’re a little worried she’ll turn into a strawberry one of these days). Anyway, we’re thrilled to have access to her cheerful expertise in between California living and strawberryhood and you’ll be thrilled to have her kind and capable hands to guide you through the litigation process so you can focus on healing while we handle everything else.

Photo by Patrisha McLean