Haley B. Hall, Esq.

I don’t mind admitting that we struggled to define Haley B. Hall, Esq. within the bounds of this brief biography. A true idealist, a champion of the underdog, a compassionate yet relentless warrior on a quest to change the world, Haley reminds us daily that though there may be opposing teams in law, we’re all on the same side when it comes to the big picture. Adored by clients, judges, and opposing counsel alike for her infectious charm, Haley wins cases not by blindly bullying her way through sensitive issues but with practical, careful consideration of all angles and creative problem solving. Haley has known for just about forever that she wanted to be a lawyer: the inspiration came during a middle school trip to Washington, DC. After graduating cum laude from Sacred Heart University, she returned to her home state where she earned her J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law where she earned the Pro Bono Public Service Award for her work in the community. The early days of her career were spent working with indigent clients in Portland, primarily dealing with landlord/tenant issues and evictions where she enjoyed the process of helping right straightforward injustices. Nowadays Haley thrives on cases that allow her to give a voice to the voiceless. Perhaps the most fulfilling area of her practice is her Guardian ad litem work where she has the chance to advocate for children going through stressful family changes. Her work in these cases shows the amazing results that can be achieved with persistent and consistent advocacy, compassion, and understanding. We are truly blessed by Haley’s constant reminder that with enough courage, patience, and empathy, we can achieve great things. We learn from her example that by standing up unwaveringly for our ideals, by forcing the law to work for the people instead of against them, and by remembering that we are all on the same side—the side of justice—we can change the world for one client at a time. Luckily for the community, Haley also serves on the Board of Governors for the Maine State Bar Association representing Knox and Waldo Counties, as Vice President of the Knox County Bar Association and as Knox County Public Administrator where her limitless enthusiasm leaves a wave of optimism in its wake.

When she’s not in her office or in court fighting the good fight, you can be sure she’s spending her free time doing the exact same thing for her furry and feathered friends. An avid animal rights activist, Haley is a member of the Board of Directors of our local Pope Memorial Humane Society, where the majority of the (many) four-legged members of her household got their second chance prancing through her large, farm-like property with the bountiful chickens and Brussels sprouts which overrun her garden.

Areas of Practice