Patricia (Patty) Burns
Legal Assistant to
Christopher K. MacLean, Esq.

Do you have a question? We can almost guarantee that Perfect Patty has the answer. Doesn’t matter what subject. Born and raised in Cushing, Patty graduated from Georges Valley High School and got her first taste of the legal world working a summer job at Strong & Fletcher where she fell in love with — you guessed it — being perfect. She then graduated from Thomas College with an Associate of Science in Legal Secretarial Studies. After college she worked for (read: ran) the law firm of Little & Watkinson, later becoming Stephen A. Little & Associates, for thirty years. When her previous attorney retired, Patty looked around the Midcoast and found Chris who was in desperate need of someone to organize his rapidly expanding practice and teach him how to tie his shoes. Having accomplished one out of two of those goals, Patty has become one of our most valuable resources, teaching us something new every day, sharing a laugh, a picture of her adorable furbabies, or her even cuter grandsons. We’re pretty sure she lives here and sleeps under her desk, but she claims to have free time with which she has served as secretary of the Midcoast Shrine Ladies Club since 2009, is an active member of the Shrine Kora Kampers, and is a member of the the American Legion Post #1 Ladies Auxiliary. She may always be busily darting from one activity to another, but legend has it that if you stand at the head of the stairs just right and holler, “BUUUUUUURRRRRNNNNNNSSSSSS” just loud enough, she’ll always come running to tie your shoes, find your file, or answer any question you have with more wisdom in her little toe than we’ll gain in the rest of our lives.

Photo by Patrisha McLean