Rachel M. Cundiff, Esq.
Associate Attorney

Extraordinarily curious and undauntingly inquisitive, Attorney Rachel Cundiff joins Camden Law as our newest associate, and has been greeted by a steady supply of phone calls requesting the benefit of her fresh perspective and ceaseless drive. A born and bred Mainer celebrating her return home by joining Camden Law, Rachel grew up only a few hours north in Calais. There she was raised with a deep appreciation of the “Mainer work ethic” and the law, influenced by two longtime Downeast attorneys, her grandfather, John A. Mitchell, Esq., and uncle, Hon. Judge David Mitchell of the Washington County District Court. After obtaining her B.A. with Honors in Political Science from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada, Rachel’s instinct to explore led her from new countries to new cities. Fueled by her desire to learn, to help, and to experience something new, Rachel eventually ended up in Washington, D.C., where she earned her J.D. from American University Washington College of Law. Motivated to fight against the social issues that burden underprivileged populations, Rachel supplemented her legal education by working in a public defender’s office, at an employment discrimination firm, and at the D.C. Office of Human Rights, reading everything in sight and acquiring a diverse range of legal knowledge and experience. During her last year of law school, Rachel was selected to participate in her law school’s clinical program, where she represented clients in the courtrooms of D.C. in matters ranging from child custody disputes to landlord-tenant law.

When asked why law, Rachel promptly responded, “I chose to practice law because I like to help people and I like to make things right.” It is that goal that led Rachel to come back to Maine. The pull of fellow Mainers needing help and the dwindling number of rural attorneys able to provide it turned her mind toward home. She also really missed the ocean and being surrounded by trees. True to her adventurous heart, Rachel fell in love with the MidCoast area on her first visit, where she instantly felt welcome and was introduced to endless chances for exploring.

Now that she’s truly home, she hasn’t skipped a beat, jumping headfirst into each case and each opportunity. Criminal defense? Family law? Personal injury? She can handle it all. Bankruptcy? Workers compensation claims? She can do those. Rachel thrives on unique legal questions and cherishes the chance to support each new client in turn. Indeed, her ability to handle the more unique cases and her voracious appetite for complicated research issues make her the cornerstone in Camden Law’s ability to offer “full-service” representation to the community. Rachel’s eagerness to solve novel legal issues is matched by her dedication to her clients—she’s pretty much always working, and she’s been known to drive across the state before the sun rises to be there for her clients. You’ll mostly find Rachel in her office or in the courtrooms of Eastern Maine fully immersed in her rapidly expanding practice, but if you’re lucky you might catch her at yoga class, at the gym, or bounding up any of the local trails, seeking out everything her new home has to offer. We’ve also heard a rumor that she plays the flute, although she hasn’t graced us with a private concert yet.

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Rachel M. Cundiff

Photo by Amy Wilton