Shelby Thomas

Meet Shelby. You may not recognize her with her consistently new hair color, so it’s a good thing her warm nature and hearty laugh are noticeable right away. She is always ready to greet you with a smile, but if you really want to make her smile, bring her donuts. A local girl with a love for family, cats and helping others, Shelby is the perfect person to introduce you to our firm when you first arrive, Just try not to take her pen with you when you leave. We all know she LOVES office supplies, but her pens and pencils are especially near and dear to her heart. She makes the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” come to life. When she’s not helping out around the office, there is little spare time to be found, between volunteering, reading and studying the languages (English and Spanish), but when Shelby does get a free moment, we imagine it is spent surrounded by all her cats, eating snacks, watching other cats online.

We would also like to give credit to Shelby for all of the creative bios on our website.  She handcrafted them with her creativity and love for writing.

Photo by Patrisha McLean