We offer full estate and trust administration services, including representation of Personal Representatives (Executors) and Trustees with administration and distribution of estate or trust assets. We prepare documentation to get the Personal Representative appointed by the county probate court, and all documents necessary to inventory, value and transfer assets, pay taxes and estate expenses, distribute the assets to the beneficiaries, and finally to close the estate. Whether the estate’s real estate will be sold, or distributed to the beneficiaries, our real estate department will prepare deeds and closing documents as necessary. We are also fully qualified to prepare Maine and federal estate tax returns as required.

We provide expert legal counsel with regard to the following areas of practice:

  • Settlement of Decedents’ Estates
  • Probate & Non-Probate Administration
  • Maine & Federal Estate Tax Returns
  • Transfer of Decedents’ Personal & Real Property
  • Personal Representative & Trustee Representation
  • Establish & Fund Testamentary Trusts