Our firm does not currently have any attorneys who practice immigration law. Laura Shaw, Esq., a former partner of Camden Law LLP who was previously Camden Law’s immigration law attorney, has decided to focus exclusively on her immigration law practice and is now a partner at Chandraker & Shaw LLC, also known as SamiaLaw, with a primary place of business outside of Boston. SamiaLaw provides a wide range of employment- and family-based immigration law services, and specializes in healthcare immigration issues and immigration assistance for elite level athletes and coaches. Although Laura is primarily practicing out of her office in Massachusetts, she maintains a residence and home office in Rockland and continues to represent clients in Maine-based immigration law cases. She considers Rockland her “home” and is committed to continuing to provide immigration law services to the Midcoast and the State of Maine. For assistance with your immigration law needs, consider contacting Laura Shaw at laura@samialaw.com or 781-461-1500.