Working for Camden Law would offer you the opportunity to live and work in what is arguably the most beautiful, fastest-growing area of the State. Although it may seem quiet at first, the Midcoast has something to offer everyone. For those with children, Camden Hills Regional High School is ranked as the 7th best high school in the State. Outside of school, the area offers a wide variety of family friendly activities to keep everyone busy, including an impressive network of hiking trials, its own ski mountain called the Snow Bowl, public access to the ocean and lakes, and more. If you want to leave the kids behind, you’ll be impressed with the wide variety of quality restaurants, independent films being shown at the Strand Theatre in Rockland, and local microbreweries. Furthermore, Camden is home to several nationally and internationally-acclaimed events that attract people from all over the world including the Camden International Film Festival, the Camden Conference, and the U.S. National Toboggan Championships. Trust us—you won’t be bored living in the Midcoast.

Not only will you love where you live; you will also love where you work. At Camden Law, we like to think we have a “work hard, play hard” attitude. We do work very hard, and we take great pride in our work. We are movers and shakers in the legal community. We usually have law students at the very top of their class interning at the firm, which adds amazing energy.  Our firm is growing rapidly, and we are looking for talented lawyers and assistants who would thrive in the exciting environment of a growing law firm in the Midcoast.

At the same time, we love to laugh and have fun. It’s not unusual to hear members of the firm joking or laughing throughout the day—often at ourselves. We also love to celebrate our success by planning fun events that we can do together outside of the office. We have had parties and dinners together, and our annual Christmas party is always a hit. This past summer, the firm went on a Schooner day trip in Penobscot Bay. Last fall, some of the firm went on a hiking trip to Katahdin. In 2016, the entire office went on a trip to Quebec City.  We also like to find ways as a firm to give back to the community with our time. Some of us spent the night outside on a cold night in Camden to support the Midcoast Homeless Coalition. As a firm, bowling events to raise money for charity, triathlons, walkathons, and more. You will find us at Rotary meetings, Chamber of Commerce socials, and community events. The golfers among us compete in charity events in the summer. We got together recently at the Samoset Resort in Rockport to accept a “Best of the Best” award. We relish the opportunity to find new ways to get together outside of work, have fun, and give back to our community.

We are always on the lookout for new talent, and we believe that top talent deserves top compensation. Our salary and benefits package reflects this commitment. We also believe that our law firm is an amazing place to work, but that is just our opinion. If you live in the Midcoast or are willing to relocate here, and you are curious about our unique law firm and about why Camden is known as the “Jewel” of the Maine coast, visit the rest of our website and check out our firm Facebook page. Please let us know if you think you would be a good fit with our “work hard, play hard” team. Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Current employers will not be contacted without your permission.