Lee Woodward, Jr., Esq.

Ever the toast of the town, the talk of Belfast, Attorney Lee Woodward Jr. has honored the community with his wit and wisdom throughout his nearly four decades of practice. A man that requires no introduction, Lee—our self-appointed court jester and all-around good guy—brightens everyone’s day with a friendly roast and hearty smile. Don’t be intimidated by his jocular greetings as Lee is never happier than when friends and clients return the favor! A refreshing blend of serious and playful, of brilliant and goofy, of dry legalese and twinkling eyes, Attorney Woodward can both draft an airtight Last Will and Testament and make sure you have fun signing it.

Lee discovered his love for the legal world while shadowing his ninth grade French teacher’s husband who offered him a place in the firm if he ever passed the bar. Spoiler alert: he did so with flying colors just a few years later. After graduating from Belfast Area High School with high honors in 1973, Attorney Woodward attended the University of Maine at Orono, where he was selected as a Congressional Intern. Upon his graduation from the University of Maine in 1977—with highest honors and highest distinction—Lee attended the University of Virginia School of Law. There he served as a member of the National Moot Court Team. When he graduated in 1980, he desired nothing more to come back home and begin his practice. He returned to the firm that had originally ignited his passion for the law that same year. With the guidance of his mentor, he promptly began assisting clients in the areas of real estate, probate, and commercial law and sticking his nose in just about everything.

Over the past thirty-odd years, he has served on the Board of Trustees of the Waldo County General Hospital and Coastal Healthcare Alliance; indeed, he has been Chairman of the Board for at least a dozen of those years. He is also a long-time member of the Belfast Rotary Club where he has held the positions of both President and Chairman of the 100 Fund Project and currently serves as the co-Chairperson of the Scholarship Fund. Furthermore, Attorney Woodward counts amongst his dearest hobbies the habit of moderating both Town and School District meetings where he has the chance to tease all sides equally and keep peace in the community. To say that Lee has been a visible and vocal member of the Belfast community would be an understatement. Recently named Citizen of the Year by the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce, he is known for a quick wit and keen sense of humor, which on more than one occasion has caused his wife Lorna some embarrassment.

If you can’t find Lee in his office, you might try wandering the streets of his beloved community with a megaphone as he’s sure to be stirring up trouble with one hand and soothing it over with the other somewhere in town. If that fails, he’s probably enjoying a long walk with his dog (which his daughters swear he spoils more than his own children) or simply soaking in the beautiful Belfast coast. If you happen to find him on the golf course, however, you’ll be sure to run in to a much different Lee Woodward Jr.—something about the green seems to turn that mischievous twinkle to an absolutely fierce competitive glint. Best to let him win if you expect him to buy you a drink after the last hole!

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